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Welcome to Valet & Scratch

We provide full external and internal cleaning on all types of boats. Other services include deck and hull polishing and waxing, teak cleaning and brightening as well as anti-fouling.

We also provide an on-going service to boat owners who are looking to get their boat cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking good.

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Highest Standards

We strive to always complete our service to the highest standard, and only use what we have found to be the best products for the job. Before any job is invoiced it must pass a comprehensive check list to ensure that this standard is always up held.  

Any person working under the Valet & Scratch name has been trained by us, and all services are carried out according to the procedure set out in our very own operations manual. This sets out, in detail, how each service must be carried out, ensuring the consistently high level required by Valet & Scratch.

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Keep your boat looking great all season with washes every fortnight.

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Contact us for a quote and ideas to keep your boat looking her best.

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Winter Boat Care

Firstly we give her a good clean, we then cover all the gel coat and stainless surfaces with a thick layer of high quality marine wax for protection against the harsh elements of winter (By doing this, any dirt particles settle on the wax rather than the gel coat).

In Spring, or when you instruct us, we remove the wax layer, give the gel coat a machine polish and finish off with a platinum wash (covers, seats, lockers, etc. included) as well as a full internal valet.  Now she is clean, fresh and ready for the new summer season.

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"...Because she's more than just a boat."